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Compton Village Photo

Parish Assets

Compton Millenium Wellhead

The wellhead was built in 2000 and is located in Compton Village Square. Further information on the history of the wellhead, can be found here.

Compton Millenium Wellhead

West Marden Bus Shelter

The shelter provides a handy out of the elements spot to wait for the No54 bus to Chichester/Petersfield. It also houses the Parish Council Notice Board

West marden bus shelter

Snow Plough Blade

Kept and maintained by local farmers the plough is used to help clear roads after heavy snowfall in conjunction with work by West Sussex Highways

Compton Millenium Wellhead

Compton Recreation Ground

Although owned by the Parish Council the site is maintained by The Compton Recreation Ground Committee, charity reg no. 305355

Compton Recreation Ground

West Marden Willow Trees

The trees are inspected annually by a certified tree inspector and pruned when required

West Marden Green

Compton and Up Marden Notice Boards

Located next to the BT phone box on Compton Square and opposite the track leading to St Michael's Church in Up Marden

Compton Millenium Wellhead
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